Technical and economic regulation

François COLLET and COLLET CONSULTING experts have a complete knowledge of technical and economic regulation applicable to air transport and airports.

  • At the international world level (ICAO standards and recommended practices)
  • At the european level (European Union Directives and Regulations)
  • At the national level ( in particular in France, Switzerland, Morocco...)

This very complete knowledge, associated to our experience of international technical projects, allows us to bring, according to the needs, a broad palette of assistance to national civil aviation authorities and/or to regional international organisations for elaborating, revising, developing and enforcing their own regulations and putting in place the necessary bodies to draft and control the effective application of those regulations.

This competence relates to:

  • Aviation market regulation,
  • Civil aviation safety,
  • Airport certification,
  • Airport security,
  • Civil aviation environmental issues.

In those fields, our experts played a key role in the Euromed Aviation project (2007-2010), and were also involved in other projects sponsored by the European Commission in Central Europe and Africa.

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Management and strategy
In the field of strategic management, François Collet combines 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur with the acquisition and mastery of concepts of strategy consulting.
Airports planning and management

François Collet has worked during 10 years in airport plannig, first within the french civil aviation authority (Service technique des bases aériennes which later became the Technical Service of Civil Aviation), then within the engineering company Sofreavia (today EgisAvia).
Air transport economy and forecast

François Collet has been from the beginning of his career within the French DGAC a specialist in air traffic forecast on the basis of its macroeconomic determinants. He represented France within working groups of the European Conference of Civil Aviation.

Airport safety

The 9th edition of ICAO Annex 17, published in july 2011, has adopted  the security management system approach (SEMS) as a strategic goal.

Collet Consulting's proposal of service,in the field of security, is aimed at both airport authorities and national authorities.

It includes:

For airports:

  • Elaboration or revision of the airport security policy, which includes sharing between those security activities to be directly performed by the authority itself, activities to be sub contracted to qualified providers of security services, and definition of the oversight process in the latter case;
  • Assistance to selection of security service providers;
  • Assistance to implementation of a security management system in line with 9th edition of ICAO annex 17.

For national authorities:

  • Assistance to drafting legislation and regulations;
  • Assistance to drafting national civil aviation security programmes;
  • Assistance to training and implementation processes.

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