Airports planning and management

François Collet has worked during 10 years in airport plannig, first within the french civil aviation authority (Service technique des bases aériennes which later became the Technical Service of Civil Aviation), then within the engineering company Sofreavia (today EgisAvia).
The expertise provided by Collet Consulting covers to day all the planning and management of the airport ahead of the technical design itself, namely:

* All economic, techno-economic and strategic studies at the stage of long term master planning (needs analysis, general features and capacity of runway systems, overall sizing of terminal areas, development strategies, phasing…) ,

* Airport business plans (strategic marketing, medium term traffic forecasting , pricing, revenue forecast, operating expenses forecast, definition and cost assessment of investments),

* Support for land use, management and financing policy (concessions, delegations of public service…),

* All studies on airports economic regulation,
* All studies on the economic impact of airports,
* All studies on the environmental impact of airports and the overall monitoring of airport noise.
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