François Collet' s references before 2001


Air transport economics

Privatization study for the national airline Air Mauritania (ITA - 1999)
Study on regional hubs in Europe (ITA - 1998)
Traffic Forecasts for three regional airports in Switzerland (ITA -1998-1999)
As an expert commissioned by the Ministry of french cooperation: traffic forecasts and profitability assesment of investments at Brazzaville airport (1980) and Cap Haitien airport (1981)
As economic studies officer at the Directorate of Air Transport (french DGAC) (1975-1977):
Traffic Forecasts, analysis of operating costs of airlines, study on pricing priciples in Europe and the USA.
Participation in these areas in several working groups of the European Civil aviation conference.

Study of deregulation in the USA.
Publication of several articles in professional journals.

Airport Planning and Environment

Study of environmental issues at airports Sion, Lugano, and Samedan (ITA -1998-1999)
As head of "general studies" in Service technique des bases aériennes (french DGAC) (1977-1982):
Noise exposure plans of provincial and overseas airports, including Marseille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lille, Fort de France.
Participation in the drafting of the first guide on airport noise of the DGAC.
Preparation of the first guide on environmental studies of the DGAC.
Rapporteur of the national task force on airport-city connections in the province.
Rapporteur of a national working group on the railway connection at Charles de Gaulle airport.
Short, medium and long-term runway capcity studies at major province and overseas airports, including Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Tahiti.
Conference on runway capacity at an international congress. Publication of an article in the German magazine Airport forum.
Capacity studies of terminals and parking areas for the airports of Marseilles and Nantes.

Airport management

Design, animation, and synthesis of a seminar of the African Civil Aviation Conference on airport management modes attended by delegations from 50 states and international organizations (ITA-1998). Conference, during the seminar on 'Evolution of airport management in the world.

Setting up, in association with Aeroports de Paris, of a contract for the modernisation of civil aviation in Lebanon including the management of Beirut airport (ITA -- 1998-1999)
As head of "general studies" in Service technique des bases aériennes (french DGAC) (1977-1982):
Participation in the development of a guide on the stages of development of airports (in collaboration ave the french airport association)
As an expert commissioned by the Ministry of french cooperation: management audit of Bujumbura airport (1985)

Engineering projects management

As a project manager and chief engineer within the company Sofréavia (1982-1987):
Preliminary design, detailes design and tender documents for the modernization of technical equipment at the airport of Aden (Yemen).
Peliminary studies and detailed design for a new terminal at Constantine (Algeria): Traffic forecast, Layout plan, preliminary design, detailed design and tender documents.
Turnkey contracts for the modernization of aeronautical equipment in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua: overall design, financing, procurement and provision of the equipment, management of the execution of contracts. Design of a new regional airport in Malawi. Contacts with the World Bank and the African Development Bank.


Teaching of the "design and management of airports" course, and monitoring of student projects at the National School of Civil Aviation (1977-1987); Participation in the "airports" course at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (1977 -- 1982).

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