A network of high level partners
The services of Collet Consulting are primarily based on the vision, skills, experience and involvment of the founder François Collet. Contributions of other high level experts are added as needed in areas such as strategy, security, aviation safety, local economic development, information systems, complex financial schemes and environment.
These partners are individual experts or companies and can be classified in two categories:
On the one hand specialists in the airport domain,
On the other hand multisector experts, particularly in the fields of management consulting, finance and environmental management.
Management, finance and environment experts


Multidisciplinary management consulting firm

Collet Consulting maintains a relationship of friendly partnership with the company Arclès founded in december 2004 by high level independent consultants, experts and former executives who were seeking to develop jointly a management consulting activity.

See www.arcles.com

Under this partnership, Collet Consulting can propose to the airport sector any consulting misson in organisation, management of change and information systems.

Patrick POSTAL
Financial engineering consulting

Postal Patrick led for twelve years missions in business and investment banks, within group Credit Lyonnais and Natexis Banques Populaires, in France and Brazil. He conducted numerous operations in the area of mergers and acquisitions, financing project, and financial or strategic diagnosis. Previously, he conducted programs in the areas of research, technology and innovation (Ministry of Research and the
technology, ANVAR). He also accumulated extensive experience in Brazil, both in business and in socio-political knowledge. . He is an engineer from the Ecole Polytechnique, a graduate of the Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economique, and holds an MA in English.

Consultig and project management in sustainable development

Collet Consulting maintains a relationship of friendly partnership with the company Nuevomund, approved by ADEME, a specialist in carbon balance sheets and preparation for ISO certification 14001.

See www.nuevomund.com

Under this partnership, and given his own experience in the field of noise monitoring and urban plannig around airports, Collet Consulting can offer the airport sector tailored assistance in environmental management.


Collet Consulting is an active member of the association X-Mines Consult.
This affiliation allows the exchange of experiences,  methodological enrichment and offers the possibility of mobilizing skills within a network of consultants who are all alumni of the best engineering schools in France. François Collet is also a member of the association X-Aviation.

Our civil aviation experts

François COLLET

François Collet is a senior consultant and/or project manager recognized in the french world of civil aviation, particularly in the airport sector.
He created in 2001 his own consultancy whose references include the french DGAC, Aeroports de Paris, several local authorities, the group Vinci, and the European Commission.
His areas of expertise are macroeconomic, microeconomic and technical. They include the economy and forecast of air transport, planning, engineering, and management of airports.
Before creating his own consultancy, François Collet had successively worked for the French DGAC (directorate of air transport and airport planning department) and the engineering firm Sofreavia. He further was during ten years an entrepreneur in the competitive sector, before returning to the world of civil aviation. He then was the director of development of the Institute of air transport.

François COLLET is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, the National School of civil aviation in Toulouse and STANFORD University.


Senior aviation security and safety expert

Eric is both a former transport pilot of the french Air Force and a graduate engineer from the french national school of Civil Aviation. He has thus acquired a dual experience before specializing in safety and security. After several assignments in airbases, in Air force headquarters, and in training functions, he belonged to companies CISI Engineering and SOFREAVIA. Within the latter, he specialized in his present safety and security expertise. He is auditor of the french national security commitee, and qualified in airports certification .

Dominique BONNET

Dominique BONNET has spent most of his career with the French DGCA before moving to consulting services. He formerly was Director general of Djibouti Airport, and thus managed an integrated structure combining air navigation services, airside infrastructure maintenance and airport commercial operations, in an international environment. In France, he has been involved in the decentralization  of ownership  and management of provincial airports, and in the creation of new airport concession companies after the 2005 law on airports, and in economic regulation of those airports, as well as in the setting up of airport security regulation and financing system. As head of  department with the South-east civil aviation region, he has gathered a very complete technical and economical knowledge of the 12 airports of the Region he had to oversee.

Dominique Bonnet is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and the National School of civil aviation in Toulouse.

Florence Inzerilli

Florence INZERILLI cosely followed all french airports and participated in the evolution of the national airport policy during 10 years, as head of the airport management bureau and deputy to the sub-director of Airports within the french DGAC. She contributed to create the regulatory framework developed by the french Government when changing by law in 2005 the status of Aéroports de Paris and deciding the creation of new airport concession companies for large provincial and overseas airports.

Florence Inzerilli  is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique in Paris,  the National School of civil aviation in Toulouse, and the MIT.

Jorg Guesnet

Jorg Guesnet has more than 10 years of experience in the airport sector.

He occupied several functions for a groundhandling agent, a research laboratory, the federal Office of civil aviation in Switzerland, INDECO in Spain,  Egis Avia in France, and the Airports Council International (ACI). He has gathered, through this experience, the knowhow to assist regulation bodies and airport operators in the field of airport safety. His domains of expertise are more specifically the following:

  • Management of airport safety,
  • Institutional reforms in Civil aviation,
  • Training and technical programmes.

Jorg Guesnet is a graduate of Geneva University and of Madid Polytechnic University.

Olivier Turcas

Olivier Turcas is a civil aviation expert with more than 30 years of experience in this field.He has been involved in projects management, technical audits and asssessments in the sectors of air transport, aeronautical safety, security, environment and Air trafic management (ATM). He has a large knowledge of international regulations, in particular european, and a large experience of international cooperation programmes. He was, in that respect, the project leader of the Euromed Aviation project, financed by the European Commission,  between 2007 and 2011.Olivier Turcas is a graduaite of the National Civil aviation School in Toulouse and of the Paris Institut d'administration des entreprises (IAE).










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