Recent missions and references
In recent years, Collet Consulting carried out the following missions:

  • Continental evaluation of the Implementation of Yamoussoukro Decision for the African Union Commission ( Contract awarded to a joint venture composed of the french consultants company SOFRECO and COLLET CONSULTING -2011);

  • Participation in the Euromed Aviation Project (as Expert and Head of mIssions in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria as part of a consortium mandated by the European Commission - 2007-2011);

  • Technical assistance to the Civil aviation authority of Turkey including an overall presentation of the European air transport policy, and a more detailed presentation of the european regulation on passenger rights in cooperation with Egis Avia-2010);

  • Study of possible air services to the Hautes Alpes (Conseil General des Hautes Alpes - 2007),
  • Assistance to upgrading the regulation of civil aviation in Morocco (including collaboration in drafting the new law on civil aviation - European Commission - 2006-2007);

  • Simplified master plan and business plan for a new international airport in Tunisia (Vinci Concessions -2006);

  • Global assessment and synthesis of the issue of proposed new international airport in Lisbon (Vinci Concessions -2006);

  • Participation in 2050 traffic forecast task force of "Conseil Général des Ponts et Chaussés" (advisory body to the french Minister of Transport) (2005),
  • Participation in the "club de prospective du transport aérien français" (2005),

  • Assistance to the institutional development of the organization of Civil Aviation of Cambodia (since 2004);

  • Assistance to the candidacy of an international group during the privatization of Brussels International airport (Groupe Vinci -2004);

  • Study on the evolution of management and prospects of french regional airports (Groupe Vinci-2003-2004),

  • Economic and financial audit of airports of the "Département de la Manche" (on joint funding of the State and the "Conseil général de la Manche"-2003),

  • Economic and financial audit of the airport of Morlaix-Ploujean (Directorate of Civil Aviation West -2003),

  • Study for the Ministry of Transport of Mali (2003),

  • Study of a stake in the capital of a regional airline (Conseil général du Calvados-2002),

  • Study on the overall measure of noise around Paris airports (Aeroports de Paris-2001).
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