Collet Consulting assists airport executives in the following:

  • analysis of the airport strategic position
  • definition of the objectives in the short, medium and long term,
  • establishing the strategic marketing plan,
  • optimizing the investment programme,
  • developing the business plan,
  • developing the environmental policy,
  • the preparation of reports and documents for the public authority ,
  • the preparation of documents and presentations for various stakeholders and airport users,
  • the preparation of documents for the institutional territory served,
  • animation of internal brainstorming sessions,
  • the development and implementation of tailored training sessions,
These benefits are based on a personalized collaboration with the team in place.

In this context, the added value brought by Collet Consulting relies on:

  • A complete, fully segmented and prospective view of the drivers of supply and demand of passenger, cargo and business aviation traffic,
  • A complete overview of the airport activity itself, including its non-aviation components such as estate management and development of non-aeronautical commercial activities,
  • A complete overview and a real experience in the field of long term airport planning,
  • An up-to-date knowledge of French and European regulations nourished by an ongoing dialogue with the competent authorities,
  • Thorough benchmarking based on good knowledge of European airports (layout, detailed traffic statistics, financial reports),
  • Proven mastery in concepts and methods of strategic analysis,
  • The experience of airport strategy studies in different European countries and a good knowledge of the situation in the southern Mediterranean,
  • The belief that each airport justifies an economic model tailored to the territory it serves.

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